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God Is Both Nothing And Everything

God is nothing and everything
Now it's there. Now it's not.

God is both nothing and everything.

I have always enjoyed reading books about physics for dummies. My ability to fully understand and retain the complexities of this discipline is woefully deficient. I just stand on the sidelines, popcorn in hand, and marvel at the people in the big leagues as I try to follow the game. The single greatest fascination for me is the idea that you can divide matter infinitely, ultimately tracing our living reality to a tangible nothingness. And yet, here is life in all its grandeur!

The Rosedale Experience jarred me into “seeing” the nothingness of God. God is intangible and beyond concrete ascriptions or being. What I didn’t tell you earlier is that my old way of thinking (mind attached to ego) went out kicking and screaming at this realization. The hovering lummox that had felt foolish and angry was my finite mind that had previously bought into a categorical God. This part of me took some time to fully recede. What replaced it though was well worth the growing pains.

My mind attached to ego was replaced by a vivid, expansive clarity of consciousness that saw the Whole of existence, the interconnection of all things. This illuminated that God is everything. The torment and pain of life as a struggling, single mother of three ceased to feel like a personal affront. Rather, I saw the struggle as a part of the grander nature of life, not as an adversary.

In short, I was freed to accept reality while tapping into the Source, Force, and Unity of God to change myself from the inside out, which ultimately led to a change in my reality. Funny how things work!

American None nonreligious secular spirituality nones exvangelical


American None nonreligious secular spirituality nones exvangelical

This blog piece is an excerpt from Chapter 1: Confessions of an American None: A Credo of Sorts.


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