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Community Guidelines

The purpose of this community space is to explore meaningful living as an American None. I hope to foster engaging conversation amongst Nones across our country, or even worldwide. In doing so, here are the guidelines that apply.


  • There’s really only one rule but with a caveat.

  • Love people the way you would want to be loved.

    • Speak for yourself, not others.

    • Be respectful of differing views.

    • Allow people to be their authentic selves.

  • The caveat:

    • Being hateful, denigrating, or otherwise abusive toward anyone or any group of people will be cause for immediate blocking. Real Love does not tolerate hate.

    • All are welcome unless you are hateful or trying to proselytize others toward your own belief system.


  • As a platform, American None does not endorse any political or religious parties or figures. It is natural and fruitful for social issues to be discussed, as it pertains to the ethos of American None: Love is greater than labels.


  • To be clear, American None is not an anti-religion group. Nones do not, by definition, affiliate with a religious label yet they do respect the rights of others to believe as they see fit. (Just be kind to one another though.)

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