about the organization


We are Nones.

We are One Human Family.

Hidden in plain sight is the 'One' in None.

We choose no labels because we recognize the oneness of all of us.


The Movement

Historically, the term "Nones" refers to the 100+million Americans who no longer identify with organized religion. But today, people decline labels of all kinds (sexual orientation, gender, racial, and political identities, etc.) in preference for their inherent value as an individual within the diverse fabric of humanity. 


The circle in our symbol represents the earth's One Human Family and the greater-than symbol represents the one thing that unites us all: Lo>e.

The Message

Love is Greater. The American None ethos is that simple.

Love is greater than Fear. Love is greater than our self-imposed labels and divisions. Regardless of all human-created labels and divisions, Love unites our One Human Family.


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The Values

Reason, science, inclusivity, compassion, and results ground us. Lightness of being, curiosity, balance, intelligence and Love animate us. 


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The Lifestyle

American None is a lifestyle community for anyone who values Love over labels. We deliver online content that merges the way Nones live with how they experience meaningful living or spirituality—in the here and now. As a social impact company, our business supports the mission, not the other way around.



American None promotes a new way of thinking, speaking, and experiencing spirituality based on 21st-century values. We do this by delivering online lifestyle content and supporting social advocacy initiatives toward the advancement of a more loving, inclusive world.


about nones


None –noun someone who selects "none of the above" as their religious affiliation.

Mary realized she was a None because she gets more out of yoga than church and feels spiritual connection in natureJohn is a None because religion is irrelevant to his life but he respects the rights of others who are religious.

What do Nones believe?


Overwhelmingly, most Nones consider themselves spiritual and believe in Something Greater than themselves, although there is wide diversity in how this is perceived and articulated. 


Nones derive spiritual and daily-living inspirations from a variety of sources including different wisdom traditions, religions, philosophies, science, the humanities, nature, and more.


At American None, we do not concern ourselves with labels. Rather, we promote the awareness that all humans and our earth are connected. 


It is through this connection, that we experience spirituality.

Are Nones anti-religion or atheists?


Most Nones do not reject the existence of religion. They reject labels. And while they personally do not find fulfillment in organized religion, they respect the rights of those who do. 


Only about 7% of the American population are self-described atheists or agnostics. Some demographers include these two subsets under the category of Nones and some do not. 


At American None, we don't care what you call yourself. All people who value Love over labels are welcome.

How do Nones practice spirituality?


Nones practice spirituality in simple acts of everyday living and through meaningful relationships and experiences. 


Spirituality is something that should be manifested through action, transformational results, and the betterment of the world in the here and now.

Nones live out their spirituality through some common lifestyle interests—Relationships (friends & family), Food, Fitness, Pets, Adventure (at home or through travel), Giving Back, Spirituality, and of course, FUN (music, movies, the arts, etc.). The American None blog is based on these categories


The Founder

Rachel Roberts, ThM, founded American None in response to her own experience with religion and the realization that she joins the company of millions of American Nones. She is deeply motivated to help elevate the soul of our country and believes that collectively Nones harness a vast power to do so.