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The Values

American None™ is comprised of two complementary value sets.

The values that ground us inform who we are.

Reason- Subjects and situations should be approached with a fair and balanced mind, attention to logic, and the search for truth independent of personal bias.

Science- Discoveries and facts established by science help shape our worldview.

Inclusivity- American None, as an organization, exists primarily for the community of Nones. But we uphold the inclusivity of ALL people on our shared planet. We can all learn from one another and Love together.

Compassion- Compassion is the ability to see yourself in others and others in yourself. This holistic awareness sheds division and illuminates shared responsibility for the alleviation of suffering in the world.

Results- It does not matter what a person says he or she believes if their actions and lives do not reflect their beliefs. Therefore, American None prioritizes the pursuit and achievement of results, based on our values, in all that we do.

The values that animate us inform how we live.

Lightness of Being- With equal doses of humility and humor, we’ve learned the value of not taking oneself too seriously. In doing so, we increase our ability to have genuine connection with others and make the world a better place for all.

Curiosity- Insatiable curiosity drives us to learn, grow, and forever seek knowledge and truth. This in turn allows us to be open to being corrected and amending our thoughts or actions.

Balance- Seeking internal equilibrium manifests a life with balanced thoughts, words, and deeds.

Intelligence- Intelligence is a “muscle” that should be exercised regularly. We must ceaselessly develop and grow our mental, emotional, and spiritual intelligence for the betterment of ourselves and the world.

Love- Love is a verb and a noun. We must be Love, share Love, and grow Love. This creates a world where Love is the arbiter, healer, and unifier.

Love brings us full circle back to reason. At American None, Love is both our premise and our desired result.

Rachel Roberts is the founder of American None. Every now and then she's known to have a deep thought, usually in the most random places– like shopping for IPA and gummy bears.


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