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A Party Of None: A Disclaimer Of Mutual Respect

Rachel Roberts at Hindu Holi Festival

This blog piece is an excerpt from Confessions of an American None: A Credo of Sorts. One of the things that some religious and atheist folks alike don't understand about Nones is that we respect other people's religions and are willing to learn from all of them. It is not an either-or proposition for us. Therefore, it was very important to me to clearly state at the offset of my book that while my personal beliefs may differ from many of my religious or atheist friends, I hold everyone in high esteem who simply loves their neighbors. I'm ultimately making an appeal for mutual respect of all people regardless of spiritual orientation.


I’ve been wanting to write this book for a few years but struggled because I love everybody. I haven’t wanted to offend the rich diversity of people I admire, appreciate and respect.

In both my personal relationships and through years of interfaith advocacy work, I’ve been friends and served along with people of countless different religions and worldviews. These include Methodism, Judaism, atheism, the B’hai faith, New Ageism, Catholicism, Mormonism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam, Native American traditions, Buddhism and many more. I have learned from all of them and am grateful to share this complex, deeply rewarding human experiment called life with them. While we may differ in expressions, my experience with diversity only strengthens my awareness of the Oneness of all human beings.

However, it is worth noting that this book is written for Nones by a None. I speak in an honest way meant to stoke a larger, transparent conversation for the benefit of Nones. While my views may differ from my religious friends, my love and appreciation for them do not waver.

You are not alone.
Hindu Holi festival
My oldest daughter, then 11 YO, and me at a Hindu Holi festival. This was a rare experience where everyone felt like immediate friends.

I spent years of my life trying to force fit into a religious framework, went through a protracted period of denial, and finally found freedom in truth and Love independent of religious affiliation. Wherever a None may find her or himself on their journey, it is my hope that we may step out into our truth and community with one another. Knowingly or not, we are members of a cultural and spiritual revolution.

This is a wake-up call for religion and a rally cry for Nones— you are not alone.


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