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These are organizations, businesses, and influencers that embody the values that are important to Nones. Doing well by doing good goes a long way!

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Cat Behavior Solutions
Molly Devoss founded this nonprofit to help people become better pet owners and reduce the number of homeless and euthanized cats. She provides behavior consulting, care tips and guidance, and heaps of compassion.
World Citizens Guide
We are Americans and we are also Global Citizens. We believe that with that comes a responsibility to care about the world. To deepen our awareness, understanding, and learning about the world. And take that awareness and understanding and bring it into our everyday lives by relentlessly seeking new ways to more thoughtfully and purposefully listen to and engage with the world.
Watch the Gap
Founded by Yael Saint-Armand, this is a fitness and wellness brand that aims to promote the unity of our One Human Family by inspiring people to actualize their potential.
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