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diary of an American None

Love is God

Kindness is My Religion

Hi, I'm Rachel Roberts. Welcome to my personal diary where I explore spiritual living that is neither religious nor woo-woo. Think of it as secular spirituality that respects the right of others to believe as they see fit. The Golden Rule sums up the common ethos of so many Nones, as illustrated in Norman Rockwell's famous painting.

Love others the way that you want to be Loved.

My first book, Confessions of an American None: A Credo of Sorts, is part memoir, part credo, and part romp in pop culture, spotlighting the largest, fastest-growing spiritual demographic in our country– the religiously unaffiliated, aka Nones.

Portrait softcover book 5x8 in the hands of a woman wearing a white sweater_coverOhToBeLik
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How It Began

Visit my original American None site to see how it started. The story is not over. We're just in a different chapter than expected.

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